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Join the Sari2020 Team and together let's champion climate action, inspire vibrant inclusive communities, foster statewide entrepreneurship, investment and workforce development, advocate affordable housing, promote Internet-for-All, and demonstrate social responsibility.

Vote on June 9th for the Democratic candidate that represents your values.

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Championing Climate Action

The time for action is now. I support Governor Mills' pledge to transition Maine to a carbon-neutral economy by 2045.

But why wait? Today, Maine has an abundance of renewable and affordable energy options. At the state level, we need to continue to promote and incentivize the municipal and individual transition to clean renewable energy and look to expand model sustainability programs such as the South Portland | Portland One Climate Future initiative.

Fostering Entrepreneurship

Maine needs entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs need capital!

The Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit Program was designed to encourage equity investments in Maine startups. For the second year in a row, the Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit has been depleted on the first business day of the year. How discouraging for young Maine entrepreneurs who want to build their business and raise their families here in Maine. We need to expand this program so that investors will bring their money to Maine.

I wholeheartedly support the Governor Mill's proposal to increase the tax credit and support Maine's startup-up community. Fostering entrepreneurship is good for our communities and for the Maine economy.

Creating Pathways to Success

We need to prepare our graduates for the careers of the future and then make sure they can apply those skills right here in Maine. Innovative and inclusive middle school, high school, and community college programs that integrate internships, apprenticeships, and sought after career credentials will position our graduates for success.

Public-private partnerships will make this happen!

Giving Back to Mainers serving our Communities

Graduates that choose to work in public service (e.g. our teachers, home healthcare workers, first responders), should not be burdened with soul-crushing student debt. We have a responsibility to take care of them as they take care of us.

I support student debt forgiveness programs.

Ensuring Internet-for-All

In order to thrive, 21st Century businesses, schools, hospitals, factories, and families all need fast, reliable, and affordable high-speed Internet access.

So many rural Mainers don’t even have an option to connect. Imagine having no access at all – day in and day out. For others throughout the state, access is available but it is not affordable. That is not fair. Internet access is as essential as electricity and should be treated as a utility.

Let's make sure that every Mainer has access to high-speed affordable Internet connectivity.

Your Vote Counts

Published by the League of Women Voters, the "Making Your Vote Count" brochure includes everything you need to know about voting in Maine, including voter eligibility, registering to vote, absentee ballots, and more. All in an easy-to-read format.

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